Sunday, April 17, 2016

The intermediate Developer [Elixir and Metaprogramming]

Shameless plug: I religiously listen to Johnny Winn's Podcast "The Elixir Fountain" because he is really good at holding an engaging conversation with Elixirists, Erlangers, and FPers from a variety of background and relating to them and their programming from all the major prospectives I care about (hobby, entrepreneur, corporate, and (sometimes) academic).

One topic he brings up a lot with seasoned developers is when a language gets intermediate developers-- I notice this comes up from people with a .NET background for reasons I intend to hit below the break. I'd like to share my thoughts as a social computing group leader (academia). Note that this is a small subset of the possible interpretations of this and isn't something I am supporting via science (no IRB here), just casual observations on what this could mean.

Friday, January 8, 2016

[Intermission part 2] Elixir Service mock up

So I have had two ideas recently that I was using writing them up as a reward for doing more strenuous make up work.

Friday, December 4, 2015

[Intermission] Libraries and DSLs that should exist

Here is a small intermission from elixir game dsl for some other elixir/erlang applications I think would be nice.

They pretty much break down from the following meta desires:
- Elixir as an OS
- Elixir as a desktop application language
- Elixir on Hardware

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Elixir Game Design #3: Data Pt. 2 - Pong

Suppose the following user story

A game designer wants to make a simple pong clone. Pong has four entities: the world, the player paddle, the ball, and the enemy paddle. The world is made up of the current score: {player, enemy}, and the size of the rectangular field (width x length). The player paddle, the ball, and the enemy paddle all have a position that must be within the rectangular field. the ball is moved by simulating simple physics, the player paddle is moved by some input controller, and the enemy moves by some sort of AI.

Elixir Game Design #2: Yyzzy as Data Pt.1

We may make adaptations to this data structure, so if at any point you decide to use Yyzzy and notice the Yyzzy data structure has changed from this post, I hope it will be easy for you to find the future posts that build from this or the documentation in Yyzzy (as a repo) itself.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Elixir Game Design #1: Inspiration

Hi Y'all!

This is the first installment of my pet project for the end of the year: an online game server framework in elixir (+ an example). This will probably be less of a "how-to", as there are many ways to make a server in elixir to handle multiple clients. And this isn't a "how to use my engine" since I am iteratively designing it with these posts. What this is however, is the iterative design journal of making a back end system. So my disclosure is that my projects may change over the course of the blog.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Elixir Miniseries

Hello All!

Small update before technical stuff: Grad school has been eating my brain. In the interim of being eaten, though, I have picked up some new skills. So, while it pains me that I might not come back to the OpenTK in .NET (c#) miniseries, I hope to post about new stuff for y'all here.

Currently, I am researching embedded Domain Specific Languages and catching up on Machine Learning homework. ..and in the meantime I am trying to update my website since the ASP .NET version I have right now is hard to update from my non-windows boxes.

What I plan on posting about for the next post series over the next three weeks -- in prep for Ludum Dare -- is a tutorial series in server side multi-user programming using elixir + phoenix.